7 Creative Media Production Trends To Look Out For In 2019

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Creative Media Production Trends

As the new year approaches, you’ll likely be revisiting how you communicated with customers over the past 12 months and whether you could improve on it or not. You may want to start working out how creative media production services could fit into your company, as you step away from printing out pamphlets that end up getting thrown away or magazine inserts that aren’t providing a return on investment. Creative video content is a great way to engage your audience in ways that will “wow” them. In this blog, we discuss four key trends that are bound to have an impact on creative media production in the new year and beyond.

Trend #1: The Lines Between Traditional & Digital Media Are Blurring

Take a scroll through your social media. What do you see? Wedged between the posts shared by your friends and followers, you’ll come across sponsored posts and advertisements. This content is usually echoed on TV, radio and print media in various ad platforms, which all appear to be converging in the digital world. It’s not only obscure online companies taking this route but all the globally well-known brands as well.

Trend #2: One-On-One With The World

Add a personal touch to your content by sharing videos to your company’s social media page. This opens a window into your business’s character and clarifies its voice as well. Through tools such as live streaming and posting unique content, you’ll be able to engage your customers in a more personal way. Consult with a creative media production house to find ways of going beyond marketing, such as shooting e-learning material, webinars, and informative mini-series.

Trend #3: More Real & Raw Creative Material

In addition to having a direct line of contact with clients, there’s a growing trend of putting out hyper-realistic content. Instead of only scripted, airbrushed and impersonal imagery, companies releasing content that reflects the world around them. The same is true for individuals in the public sphere. High profile politicians and A-list celebrities interacting with other VIPs and ordinary folk on social media is becoming normalised. It’s almost like an extended arm of reality TV, but happening in each client’s personal space on a personal device.

Trend #4: Stepping Into The Visuals With Virtual Reality & 360° Images

In our rapidly advancing digital age, there’s more to video than meets the eye. Features such as 360° video capture and virtual reality give audiences an opportunity not only to see but also experience what you have to offer. Are there any ways you could add depth to your visual content and turn it into a simulation of real life?

Trend #5: A Move From Wide Screens To Mobile Screens

Your most valuable tool, the mobile phone, can fit into the palm of your hand. This means your video content needs to fit in your potential customers’ hands as well. TV is not the only authority on video content anymore as mobile has taken over.

Trend #6: Unique Content To Keep Your Clients Content

Set yourself apart from your competition by finding creative ways to spark lead-generating conversations. If people are excited by what you have to say, they’re more likely to buy in. Ensure that your creative content doesn’t speak at your prospective clients, but rather with them. Include interactive elements to encourage participation and a sense of ownership in how visitors to your online platforms relate to your company’s brand and products.

Trend #7: Partner Up With Social Media Influencers For Fresh Content

“Where will all this unique content come from?”, you may ask. Don’t fret – it’s all around you, you just need to look in the right places. With help from a team of communications professionals, you’ll be able to identify social media users whose can act as brand influencers for your company. They are your ears on the ground, who know exactly what to put out there to arouse interest and engagement from your target market.

Such partnerships open up opportunities to increase relatability and put a friendly face to your business. The influencer gains a following and makes some money, while your company gets more leads which can be converted – a classic win-win situation.

Creative media production helps Melbourne reach their clients in different ways every day. All you have to do if you want the same is to partner up with an experienced team to get you into the swing of things. 50 Kal Communications offers you access to top-tier media production facilities and more, so contact us today if you’re ready to get going on creating video content for your business.

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