Original. Creative. Corporate.

Original. Creative. Corporate. 


50 KAL Communications is an end-to-end film production agency delivering compelling creative and relevant content.

We develop and produce original content and reimagine corporate content for network, digital and corporate platforms.  We are passionate and constantly look to evolve, always striving to create the best outcomes for our clients.





We are dedicated to creating imaginative and personalised content for all our clients.

We handle the entire production process, from creative conceptualisation to final delivery. This includes production and project planning, storyboarding, scriptwriting, location sourcing, development of the narrative, liaising with all stakeholders and ensuring compliance with regulations at every stage.

When we begin production, whether on location, in a studio or at an event - we are agile and offer fully scalable.  Our skilled crew of producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, animators and sound mixers execute professional quality production for any project size. We pride ourselves in capturing the essences of stories through powerful, effective editing and sound design.

Above all, our production team are all skilled storytellers, delivering clear and evocative pieces that resonate with your target audience.






We create, develop and produce original creative content for television and digital, that is bold, intelligent and entertaining. 

Award winning, ground-breaking, confronting and amusing. Our goal is to give audiences an experience they will remember, and tell others about. 




We understand the relationship we have with every corporate client is based on trust, honesty, delivery and outcomes. Recognising that every project is special and every client is unique, gives us the foundation for successful business outcomes, enabled though creative, memorable and beautiful campaign and films.




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